Live Nation, Seth Bregman, Senior Director, Business Enterprise Systems.

Live Nation Team

We 'Celoxis-cise' all our projects. Celoxis helps us stay on track and within budget in a very chaotic, fast moving environment.

We are the Digital Media group for Live Nation Merchandise. We provide engineering and marketing services for artist branded web sites. Our group totals 25 employees including merchandisers, marketing, engineers and web site producers. Everyone uses Celoxis to manage both projects, costs and to file support tickets for engineers.
These are generic, unlicensed users that do not have a login and will not be able to access Celoxis directly. They can still participate in their projects (such as fill time, perform progress updates and join discussions) through email. You can have unlimited number of such users and they are free.

Interim Health Care, Craig Heyne, Project Manager.

Interim HealthCare Logo

At Interim HealthCare, we are working smarter, not harder, using Celoxis.

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare is the nation's oldest proprietary national organization providing health care personnel at all skill levels in all settings. There are more than 300 independently owned franchise locations nationwide. Interim's independent franchisees employ more than 75,000 health care workers and provide nurses, therapists, aides and other health care personnel to approximately 50,000 people each day.

At our Headquarters, located in Sunrise, FL, there is a staff of approximately 50 professionals supporting this large and rapidly growing network of independently owned franchises. Supporting the company's accelerated growth can only be achieved by the successful completion of the wide array of projects that arise on a frequent basis; projects must be well organized and well communicated. Enter Celoxis.

Celoxis allows our Project Management Office to plan project execution much more effectively. Having a central repository for our projects' information, allows team members to manage project tasks from any web enabled device, share information more efficiently, monitor project progress with less effort and learn from past projects, allowing for better planning in the future.

Celoxis as a tool encourages project team members to properly prioritize their assigned tasks in their personal work schedule. Either they setup a view within Celoxis and monitor their tasks there or they have email notifications sent through Outlook and manage their task deadlines using Outlook reminders. Celoxis is a very agile solution and fits any number of personal work styles.

We are currently managing more concurrent projects, using less paper and consistently hitting our major milestones on schedule!

The Portfolio Management reports allow us to tailor dashboards for each level of management within our organization, so that people see the information that is most important to them. From a PMO perspective, it is easy to hone in on the projects that are falling behind and offer the support those PMs need to keep their projects from falling behind.

Axe Group, Kimberley Lathe, CEO.

Axe Group Logo

We have been using Celoxis for six years and have found it to be an excellent tool for time tracking. We have yet to take advantage of the ever increasing feature set, however we make full use of the reporting function and find the powerful APIs invaluable as they allow us to automate other business functions. Celoxis is now a integral part of our business and the Celoxis team have provided excellent support when we have needed it.

Axe Group specialises in providing software solutions to the Insurance Industry through its 'Axelerator Insurance Platform', and cross-industry application services focused on the software development lifecycle.

Before implementing Celoxis, Axe captured staff time allocations through a time tracking system built in-house. We moved to Celoxis to track time by task and allow us to access information through the customisable reports.

Celoxis is primarily used for time tracking however we also make use of the financials to track how the project is progressing against the budget. The API is a powerful feature which we call from with Excel macros to automatically generate timesheets using our standard customer template.

Celoxis has become our primary tool for tracking time within the organisation and allows us to ensure that we are correctly billing for this time.

LRMG - Performance Agency, Emmanuel Sibanda, Project Manager.


Celoxising our Project office has ensured that we can accurately improve financial performance as well as increase productivity.

LRMG is a Performance Agency based in South Africa that empowers people to 'dream it ... believe it ... do it!' through management consulting, skills development, people technology and e-learning.

Before Celoxis, project planning happened in MS Project and resource planning and scheduling in Excel. With completing on average over 110 developed products in a year this manual process became unsustainable. The issue was compounded by projects not being integrated and the resource dashboard being a standalone component. It was therefore impossible to (1) manage projects in an integrated way and (2) get meaningful data from in order to make informed decisions. We now have an integrated system allowing us to plan projects and resourcing in a live and integrated environment. We also have access to management information that is live and updated in a live environment.

Integration of all project plans through the resource dashboard. Information that sits behind the plans, recorded in a Database.

We can now measure our financial performance as we go through our daily operations. As we plan, we can literally see whether we are profitable or not. We have visibility of our capacity and profitability at our fingertips now.

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