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Celoxis is a mature product that would suit a PMO looking for stable, enterprise-class project management software. It is a fully-featured system capable of managing the largest of enterprise projects. It has tons of professional features making it suitable for large teams and significant projects and it is still competitively priced. It’s a tool that lets you keep everything in one place, but without feeling like it’s preventing you from using anything else.
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Celoxis rated among 6 of the best enterprise project management software. According to Capterra.com, Celoxis is a great balance between price and available capabilities and offers a host of integrations, including Salesforce, Microsoft Project, and Quickbooks, so project managers can localize all their information on one system. Celoxis is heralded as a user-friendly platform with powerful customizability, making it an ideal EPM for large businesses.
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Celoxis rated among top 3 best enterprise project management software. According to Reviews.com, Celoxis is a comprehensive software that offers all the tools you need to manage every aspect of your projects, including extensive resource management. Celoxis is intuitive to navigate, putting all the most important features at your fingertips with easy-to-understand menus. There’s also a built-in search function to help you quickly locate what you need.

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Capable, mid-priced tools for project managers that helps track expenses too! Celoxis is easy to use and web-based, which means any team member with an internet access, web browser and an email account can participate, even remotely.Celoxis supports an assortment Of reporting capabilities, including Gantt charts (which depict project progress) and export of data to an Excel spreadsheet in order to generate custom reports.
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Celoxis is scalable, well priced and adaptive. It can help teams of all sizes get organized and better meet client demands. Clients report as high as a 40-percent increase in efficiency after implementing Celoxis.Celoxis is most suitable for enterprise-level teams that manage multiple projects simultaneously. It can manage numerous resources, projects, tasks, bugs and issues available. One of the software's standout features is its framework for building custom apps.
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Celoxis has an above average range of management tools and excellent accessibility that makes it easy to integrate into any business. It includes a comprehensive list of project management features and is all but guaranteed to integrate perfectly into any existing work environment. It includes open API access, third-party application integration, and a customized user interface. And with the most mobile platform options available, teams can access its features at any time.
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The Celoxis platform is advanced, yet easy to use, with features built to address the biggest pain points associated with managing projects across multiple organizations and functions.The team behind Celoxis understands this well, which is why they designed an integrated and collaborative project management platform that puts the user experience first. Using Celoxis, organizations can manage projects, finances, resources, and business processes online.
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The enterprise-class features, ease of use and collaboration capabilities of Celoxis make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to implement a project management solution.Celoxis is a popular project management app that is easy to use and affordable. It is an integrated solution you can use to manage your project portfolios, workflows, expenses, time sheets, and resources, and improve client and team collaboration
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Celoxis is powerful & effective project management software designed to provide an end to end solution for project management activities. Celoxis is powerful & effective project management software designed to provide an end to end solution for project management activities. It has lot of professional features which are easy to customize and implement in your day to project activities. It’s a single comprehensive solution for all project related activities.
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Celoxis.com - Project Management Made Handy. Celoxis is leading project management software developed to provide an easy resolution for all tasks related to project management. It is a value for money software which offers several options which can be easily customizable. Well Celoxis is the perfect tool which offers quality results.
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Celoxis is an integrated web-based platform that empowers companies to plan and manage projects, processes and resources more efficiently. It brings a comprehensive solution to people, projects, processes and analytics. Celoxis has a full set of features and capabilities suitable for most medium and large businesses. Quality is a key factor in any project management tool. Well Celoxis is the perfect tool which offers quality results.

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Celoxis is more than just a typical project management tool. Apart from the standard set of PM functionality, Celoxis offers a great array of additional management options that turn the tool into an integrated, yet simple to use Work Collaboration platform. One of the few PM tools that offers both SaaS (Cloud-based) and an On-Premise deployment models.
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Celoxis project management software is a mature, durable and continuously evolving system with advanced features, stable deployment, proven track record and responsive support team that gives great importance to customer trust. It supports English, German, French, Portuguese,etc.
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Lifehack recognizes Celoxis as one of the most affordable all-in-one platforms for project management and work collaboration. It puts Celoxis among the 3 best all-in-one software for businesses. Celoxis is one of the most affordable all-in-one platforms for project management and work collaboration.
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Celoxis is a sophisticated project portfolio management and collaboration platform for medium to large businesses. It is a fully-featured software that lets you keep everything in one place. Celoxis is one of the very few online tools that offer a SaaS (Cloud-based) and On-Premise model.
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An India-based project management software Celoxis provides a SaaS platform for an integrated system where project manager and team members can continuously provide value to a fast-paced and continually changing project. The consolidated project management tool records all the latest.
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With Celoxis, organizations get enterprise project management software to manage complex project portfolios and processes. It is robust, yet easy to use, easily integrates with Salesforce, and includes features that enhance project management rather than inhibit it with too many bells and whistles.
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Robust Online Project Management Software. In a nutshell, Celoxis is a powerful web-based project portfolio management allowing a business team to collaborate and streamline many management aspects, namely projects, time sheets, expenses and specific business processes.
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Celoxis is rated as one of the best project management tool.
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Celoxis: Collaborative and Efficient Project Management Software.
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Strongly recommended for small and mid-sized businesses.
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Celoxis is highly functional and comes with an impressive array of practical tools.
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Highly recommended project management tool.
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Solid project management capabilities, rich in features with intuitive user interface.
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Celoxis is another complete web-based solution to manage projects with teams.
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