Comprehensive project management software for enterprises

Celoxis' advanced features help enterprises streamline management of projects, time sheets, expenses and business processes, specific to their organization. Celoxis handles planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking and reporting with great ease, addressing real-life project management complexities across project lifecycle.

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Real-world scheduling engine

Appropriately schedule your tasks based on dependencies, constraints, resource calendars, vacation and other company holidays.

Multi-timezone support

Intelligent task scheduling based on timezones of the resources assigned to them.

Multiple resource assignments

Assign multiple resources to tasks, even with different amounts of estimated work hours.

Assignment in percentage or hours

Working out allocations in percentages can be cumbersome! Celoxis is the only project management software that supports resource assignments in hours.

Manual scheduling

If you know your task schedule, go with manual scheduling. With Celoxis' manual scheduling your task dates don't shift. Ever! You can also place a manually scheduled task anywhere in your schedule, and the system won't move it.

Fully interactive Gantt chart

Our interactive Gantt Chart is the swiftest in the industry and can handle 10,000 tasks with ease. Just like that!

Inter-project dependencies

Managing multiple projects? Link your tasks from different projects, even with lead and lag times.

Task Worksheet mode

Make multiple in-line edits at one go and save them all at any point. The intuitive interface lets you enter tasks quickly and reorganize them seamlessly.

Keyboard shortcuts

Our interactive Gantt keyboard shortcuts allow you to do most common operations with simple key strokes.

Management dashboards

Celoxis' advanced dashboards provide a consolidated view of projects and portfolios to monitor key performance indicators. They can be completely customized for executives, key stakeholders and clients.

Visual health indicators

Rely on visual health indicators to gauge project performance and take prompt corrective actions. Keep a close tab on lagging or blocked tasks.

Schedule and cost projections

Get real-time projections on your project's schedule or cost at any point in time and make informed business decisions.

Revenue forecasting

Estimate your project billing before your clients pay you. Keep your "in waiting" cash inflow up to-date at all times.

Earned value analysis

Take a statistical approach to monitoring progress and minimize the dismays of budget and schedule overruns.

Interactive cross-project workload management

Easily track workloads of individual resource with our interactive resource load chart. This color-coded chart helps identify problematic allocations quickly and fix conflicts there and then. Read more

Capacity planning

Planning an upcoming project? Our advanced capacity planning view gives you visibility into resource capacity at any point, enabling better resourcing decisions for new projects. Read more

Compare planned v/s actual utilization

Keep a close eye on how your team is faring on planned assignments by comparing their actual utilization to what was planned. Read more

Real-time workload projections

Get a 'true' snapshot of your projects at any given point of time based on actual hours filled in by the resources and the remaining effort. Read more

Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency is your window into performance of your resources. This handy tool helps you make the right adjustments in on-going projects for better control on resource performance. Read more

Reporting Manager

This allows managers to access their direct reports' data. This also makes it easier to delegate responsibility and effect change as necessary.

Job Roles

Job roles allow you to represents a functional capacity or a skill set making it an integral part of resource planning. This helps manage users efficiently and also plan effectively when you are unsure which user to assign to the work. What's more, you can also assign cost and bill rates to job roles allowing you to track project costing and billing associated with job roles.

Virtual resources, part-time workers and more...

Create 'free' virtual resources to substitute actual workers in early stages of project planning and 'free' email-only users to participate remotely in discussions or record updates via email (These are both unlicensed users). With individual work calendars, you can also specify part-time workers or use security to define external vendors or contractors.

Kanban Board

Visualize your work across multiple dimensions. Move tasks, bugs, issues, risks through a Kanban-style flow based on custom workflows or on pre-defined or custom pick list values.

Weekly timesheet

With weekly timesheet, resources can easily report time divided on project and non project activities at one go. The autofill feature comes in handy when bringing up most recent work items. One can also report time on behalf of another user.

Fill time via timers

Celoxis' task timers are a great way keep track of time spent on project related work-items. Timers can be started, paused and stopped as needed. The active timer is prominently placed on the main menu for quick recall.

Global and project specific rates

Define cost and billing rates at an organization level. You have the choice of overruling them for a specific project.

Activity and expense codes

Set up service items and expense codes to only include services or expenses that you charge or pay for.

Reimbursable expenses

Easily record and track expenses that you are looking to reimburse yourself or your employees.

One-click approvals

Have 100s of time entries and expenses in the approval queue? Approve them all in one simple click and make your approval process super efficient. Get real-time approval updates in your project financials.

Multilevel Timesheet Approval Workflows

Setup single manager approvals or get project managers and reporting managers by setting up multilevel approval workflows for timesheet approvals including time spent on non-project activities.

Manage Cash flows and track profitability

Keep tabs on your monthly cash flows and measure your actual and planned margins. Reveal the true profitability of your projects and business.

Activity and user based billing

Celoxis supports multiple billing options.Choose to bill your clients on services /activities or on user rates. We've covered all bases.

Fixed bid and hourly billed projects

With Celoxis, you get the flexibility of specifying your project contracts as fixed bid or hourly basis. The great part is that with fixed bid projects, the system intelligently marks all time and expense entries as non-billable, unless you choose to overrule it.

Job role based costing and billing

Assign cost and bill rates to job roles allowing you to track project costing and billing associated with job roles.

Project and task level budgets

Plan your budget like a Pro! You can decide an overall budget either with a pre-defined budget for the entire project, or at individual task level.

Cost projections

Looking for an estimate of cost incurred till project is completed? Celoxis lets you calculate projections based on actual costs and associated progress.

Revenue forecasting

Calculate realistic estimates of your project billing even before your clients pay you. Keep your cash inflow "in waiting" always up to-date.

Financial health indicators

Worried about your project financials? With Celoxis, get complete visibility into project's financials based on your initial budgets.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Celoxis' advanced portfolio management capabilities are just what you need for managing your complex project portfolios. Capture and track individual project risk, alignment to organizational goals, overall benefits and other portfolio metrics. Excel at top down project planning and make better business decisions.

Consolidated Demand Management

The smarter way to manage demand. Consolidate incoming demand and prioritize them based on your resource supply. Use Celoxis' Project Approval app to streamline project approvals.

Real-time Financial Management

Celoxis enables all individual time and expense updates to your project financials in real-time. With total visibility of financial information in your portfolios, you are in better control of the business outcomes.

Portfolio dashboards

Make data work for you. Track your project and portfolio KPIs down to the minutest detail with Celoxis' insightful dashboards.

Track organizational, portfolio and project risks

When it comes to risk, we've got you covered. With Celoxis' built-in risk app, you can identify, assess and prioritize organizational, portfolio and project risks. Get foresight into risk scenarios, so that you are prepared to handle them in the best-suited manner.

Risk qualification

You can qualify every risk scenario by probability of occurrence and the potential impact to arrive at an appropriate risk score. You can also add your own risk parameters.

Risk register

Our pre-configured risk register report lets you consolidate organizational and project risks including associated information in one single view.

Advanced reporting engine

Good data leads to great decisions. Turn your project data into actionable insights with a whole gamut of data visualizations, drill-down reporting, multi-level grouping and dynamic filtering. You can also create reports on all your custom fields including formula fields.

Drill-down graphical charts

Celoxis provides a whole range of graphical charts including comparison bars, 100% stacked bars, trend lines, pie and bubble charts to visualize your project data. All charts are drill-down and actionable. You also have the flexibility of creating your own charts, even on custom fields. Read more

Analyze time-phased data

Report data for a defined time period with specific zoom levels. Compare planned v/s actual resource hours, or billable v/s internal hours or planned v/s actual utilization and even financial information such as project costs and revenues.

Scheduled reports delivery

Want to send reports for a specific date and time? With Celoxis you can schedule your reports, to specific users as an email attachment.

Flexible and shareable reports

All reports can be fully customized and shared with clients and co-workers.

Multiple dashboards

Create and share multiple dashboards to organize related information or align your team over the same projects view.

Document Management

Celoxis lets you store and manage all project related documents in one place with version control enabled. Organize your projects your way with folders and sub-folders. Encourage collaboration by initiating discussions on specific documents.

Project Discussions

Initiate discussions and collaborate with your project teams and clients. Those participating remotely, can contribute to discussions through email even without logging in.

Notification Center

With Notification Center, you can see all your important incoming messages and @mentions at a glance. Notifications keep you informed whenever you are assigned new work, or when something has changed on the items you follow.

Activity Stream

Get up-to-the-minute streaming updates and keep all your conversations in one place. Quickly comment on work items from the feed itself.

Shareable Calendar

With Celoxis' advanced calendar, you can easily set up events and schedule meetings. You can share event details with co-workers and even view their shared calendars. Calendars can also be easily exported to Outlook, Google and other iCal supported calendars.

Free client collaboration

Stay connected with your clients. With free client logins, you can effectively collaborate on project updates and documents with clients.

Out-of-the-box bug and issue tracking

Take stock of all reported bugs and issues with our built-in bug and issue tracking app. Track and manage their status effectively. With Celoxis, nothing slips through the cracks, ever!

Fully customizable

These apps are fully customizable to suit your organizational processes. You can define your own states and actions, or even capture business specific information through custom fields.

Escalation matrix

Set up escalation rules and timeout policies to clearly define all possible scenarios in the event of an escalation.

Fill & track time

Exercise better control over the bug fixing process. Account for time spent on fixing bugs and resolving issues.

Multiple field types

Capture precise business specific information for your projects, tasks, resources and even app items. Celoxis comes packed with multiple field types such as currency, dates, pick lists and even formula fields.

Comprehensive reporting capability

With Celoxis, comprehensive is the word. Create reports on any of your custom fields and even add filters on them.


For custom fields with sensitive financial information, you can use the security options associated with it so that only the right people can see the details.

Roll up custom fields

Values from your custom fields are rolled up to task and project summaries.

Role-based Security

Our robust role-based security model protects your project data from unauthorized internal access and grants data access only to users with the appropriate authorization.

Global and project level security

Apart from global security settings, the two-level security check allows you to define explicit security privileges at project and task levels.

Flexible Workspaces

Think productive, Think workspace. With Celoxis workspaces, you get a flexible way to group projects and users with specific responsibility. Workspaces ensure the right resources have access to the right data and information.

Dynamic project roles

With Celoxis, apart from user defined roles, you can create project roles that are automatically applied within the context of a project. For example, if a user is assigned to a task in a project, he automatically becomes part of the project team role for that project.

Redefine your Process Management with Celoxis Custom Apps

With Celoxis, you have the power to easily create and manage well defined, repetitive project and business processes or routines, within the project management framework. Organizational processes such as help desk requests, leave approvals, to dos and lead tracking are just few of the many possibilities. You get 6 out-of-the-box apps to jumpstart productivity. Read more

Language support

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Russian


  • IE 11 and Microsoft Edge
  • Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry phones
  • Multiple Database and OS support for on-premise version


  • Company & project level settings
  • Individual dashboard and report customizations
  • Multi-level role based security
  • User preferences